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July 19, 2022

I took our music off of bandcamp after it was on there for about 1.5 months because the listening priveleges are way too generous and we don't agree with that method of selling music. Sure, we made our album and individual tracks available as downloads and also offered it to buy as a cd. But! Why would people buy anything if they can listen to all the songs for free? Bandcamp doesn't do 30–second song previews, they play the entire song of every song off the entire album. Anyone could just find our bandcamp page through a search engine and when they got to our page, plug their device into their car speakers, home speakers, whatever they plug their device into and listen all they want. And bandcamp seems to encourage this for some reason. After 1.5 months of being on bandcamp, we had almost 300 listens to our music, but hardly anyone bought it. So, it doesn't take rocket science to figure out what was going on. I guess some artists don’t mind going about trying to sell their music in this way, but we don’t agree with it. So that’s that. We are working with CD Baby to get our music distributed to other retail outlets, such as Amazon. After that, if we decide to go with the streaming platforms, they will take care of that for us. But we are happy being a smaller boutique musical act, preferring to sell music the old–fashioned way—at our shows and actual stores. That’s all for now! ~N